Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Jason Derulo - The Sky's The Limit

This is another Jason Derulo music video. I have chosen to do a few of his videos because lots of techniques are used. In this particular video they have used lots of mirrors and digital technology to get it how it is. I know I won't be able to do this technique in my video because I do not have equipment as advanced as the music industry. During the video there is a technique that catches my eye. The rapid cuts get much faster when he is about to sing the chorus. This builds the audience's excitment. It also cuts as fast as the drum beat during the song.
The actual part of the video that I find interesting is the title. The name of the song comes onto the screen but we still the image in the background. Here is a still image that shows the technique.

Monday, 5 July 2010

Michael Jackson - Bad

This is one the greatest dance videos in history. I personally like this video because from the second it starts, it is straight into a dance routine. The attention to detail in the video is something else that catches my attention. Firstly, the lighting matches the theme of the song. Because the song is called 'Bad', you wouldn't expect the lighting to be bright, you see that they are in an underground car park and it is dark. The dancers are also wearing dark clothes such as black and dark blues. As well as the clothes, nearly all of the dancers are wearing chains etc to make them seem like 'gangsters'.

As well as the mise-en-scene, the camera shots are effective. Some camera shots are short and quick to create tension, however there are some camera shots that last a little longer. Some of the shots are long shots to show all of the dancers and what they are doing. Other shots are of the main dancer's (who is also the singer) face to show just him singing and his facial expression.

I personally admire the high angle shot of Michael Jackson on his own and the backing dancers are not in shot. Then the camera becomes level and zooms outwards, then you see the backing dancers come into shot.