Monday, 14 February 2011

Feedback on Products

I have asked 4 people on what they think of my products (album cover, album back and poster). Here is what they think:

Lee: I like the use of neon style colour added to the city in the background. I also like how the main character is bigger than the city, this follows conventions on the saying 'Big in the City'.

Katie: I like how professional it looks, because it does look like the real thing. I also like the fact that bright neon colours have been used as it is a direct link to the title. With the use of bright colours and the information used, it provides a great promotion for the album and provides a feeling of persuasion which encourages a person to buy the album. 10/10

Kelly: I like it how the main character fits in with the back ground on the cover. The poster is good, I like the colours that have been used. It looks very professional and I also like the layout of the poster.

Martyn: I like it how the background colour blends in with the text and the logo fits perfectly with the background. Both the front and back covers of the CD case are well designed and layed out as well as the realistic image of the dancer on the front and back.

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