Tuesday, 8 February 2011

First poster design

This is my first poster idea for advertising the album. I wanted to keep it simple by putting the album cover and back onto the poster so that the audience can see what it is like before they buy it. I decided to make the background an image I found on the internet of some neon lights. I thought I would make the background stand out and represent what the album is called. I made the background lighter only slightly because I thought it would be too bright. I kept the amount of text to a minimum and kept the font simple but bold. I wanted to make the colour of the font different to the colour of the title because I thought it would look boring. But I feel now that red is the wrong colour. When I researched advertising posters, I found that most of them have an opinion from a popular magazine or music company, so I decided to add to my poster an opinion. I also thought it would look a bit better if I were to put five stars next to it because it would look more professional. Underneath I decided to put in big, bold letters ''BUY IT NOW'' because it will catch the audience's attention and make them want to buy it. I also found that on the advertising posters, they had the website of the artist at the bottom of the page. So I decided to put the name of the artist I have used at the bottom of my poster.

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