Monday, 21 June 2010


I have a few ideas of what my music video will be, although I have not decided on a song yet (the genre of the song will be hip-hop), have a some ideas of what will be going on in the video. The genre of my song choice will be hip-hop and the genre of the video itself will be a combination of abstract (random) and live action.
I have the idea of a dancer starting off first. There will be different camera angles aiming at him when the music starts. He will simply dance to the song and there maybe some dancers come on screen later on in the song (I havent quite decided yet). The whole way through the song, there will be camera cuts and this will show the dancer dancing in different places. The dancer will also be wearing different clothing when the camera cuts.
I am also going to start the video in a certain way. The opening shot will be a silhouette of the dancer. So I will have to use a bright light to put behaind the dancer. I will have him dancing for a few seconds and then have the first cut.
I may put other things into the video, but I am not sure what yet. This is just a rough idea.

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