Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Jason Derulo - Ridin Solo

This is another video from Jason Derulo. I partically like this video because it uses similar techniques to what I want to use. He is dancing all the way through the video. A clever point about this video is that lights flash to the beat of the music. This gives the video speed and energy. I may decide to use this idea in my video.

The techniques I like used in the video are the camera shots. There are quite a few close-ups on the dancer's face. There are also quick cuts that are made brighter using lights. I think that flashing lights in the video will make it look a lot better. I like the technique that has a close up, then a long shot so you can see the dancer and what he is doing.

The colours are quite interesting in this video too. The dancer is wearing colours that match and the background lights as well.

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